Operational Services


We provide differentiation for our exhibitors by designing unique stands that fit their needs to make a difference among all the other exhibitors.

We mediate for our exhibitors to have an efficient and successful exhibition experience by providing professional staff employment support such as hostesses, translators etc. that fits their needs.

TG Expo provides you the opportunity to transport your goods for the international exhibitions by excellent land, sea and air transportation service quality. No matter if you exhibit with us, or you are an individual exhibitor, wherever in the world, we can receive and deliver your selected goods.

We find the best pricing rates to rent out indoor and outdoor promotional and advertisement spaces for our exhibitors, to reach out to highest number of visitors.

  • Custom made stand design
  • Shipping and transportation services
  • Banner and poster applications
  • Indoor and outdoor exhibition center applications
  • Professional staff employment
  • Catering organization 

Other Services

Marketing and Advertising Services
Operational Services
International Relations and Business Development Services
Government Subsidies
Tourism Services


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